Acts 15 ~ The Four Necessary Things ~ Pt 2 (GLC Version)

There is a prophecy in Amos 9: 11,that in the end of days the fallen Tabernacle of David would be raised up from its ruins. As part of the raising up the Tabernacle of David, there will be the gathering the exiles of Israel back to the land (Amos 9:14). This is the background we need to understand when we look at Acts 15. What is being debated here is this: how do those outside of covenant relationship come into covenant relationship with the Messiah? James and the brethren understand that what is happening here is fulfilling the prophecy of Amos 9:11, of building up again the Tabernacle of David. Non-Jews are coming to know Yeshua as Messiah. And so, in seeing these things, this ruling is given, so that those who are returning with all their heart can be folded into the Yeshua’s family (Israel). We see in Acts 15:20, four things they are to do: to abstain from things polluted by idols, from sexual immorality, from things strangled, and from blood. Why are James and the brethren ruling about these four things? The ruling reflects something about the very heart of Torah. Listen in as Eddie unpacks this and find out!