Acts 15 ~ The Argument for Conversion

We looked at in the last teaching, in Acts 15, that there was a sect of the Pharisees that argued that you needed to be circumcised in the flesh in order to join into the family of God.
The word circumcision is a term to describe someone “outside” the covenant coming INTO the covenant of Yahweh (non Jewish believers). They were arguing that how that is done is that you go through a conversion process that involves physical circumcision.
The Torah requires circumcision of the flesh (Gen 17:8-10). It also requires circumcision of the heart (Deut 10:12). Yeshua explains to us in Matthew 23:23, that not all Torah commands have equal weight. Of circumcision of the flesh, a Torah command, and circumcision of the heart, which has greater weight? That’s the debate of Acts 15.