Acts 15 ~ Did Paul Teach Circumcision?

We looked at in the last teaching, in Acts 15, that there was a sect of the Pharisees that argued that you needed to be circumcised in the flesh in order to join into the family of God.
The word circumcision is a term to describe someone “outside” the covenant coming INTO the covenant of Yahweh. They were arguing that how that is done is that you go through a conversion process that involves physical circumcision.
The Torah requires circumcision of the flesh (Gen 17:8-10). It also requires circumcision of the heart (Deut 10:12). Yeshua explains to us in Matthew 23:23, that not all Torah commands have equal weight. Of circumcision of the flesh, a Torah command, and circumcision of the heart, which has greater weight? That’s the debate of Acts 15.  Where did Paul stand on this issue? Listen in as Eddie unpacks this topic!