Principles of the Greater Exodus ~ Pt 9 ~ Torah is a Prophetic Parable

This teaching series explains how the events in Genesis and Exodus foreshadow the course of modern history. The Torah is given to us so we can learn and understand that through the lives of the patriarchs, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, and Moses, that this is a pattern for the people of Israel. Biblical history is prophecy. The biblical principle is this: the end is told in the beginning.

Summary of Patterns/Principles:
1. The events that happened in the lives of the patriarchs are prophetic of what will happen to their descendants.
2. Biblical history is prophecy.
3. Example: Abraham went to Egypt, Pharoah took Sarah, then later sent her away. This foreshadowed that the children of Israel would go to Egypt, would be in bondage to Pharaoh, and then the God of Israel would deliver them.
4. Yeshua remembered His covenant with Abraham, and the Messenger of the Lord appeared to Moses at the burning bush (Exodus 3), and the same Yeshua is the one who brings the children of Israel out of Egypt. This teaches us that Yeshua WILL remember His covenant with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and WILL fulfill His covenant promises He made to Abraham and will end the EXILE of the 12 tribes of Israel.
5. Pharaoh sent Sara away at the time of PASSOVER season. Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed at the time of PASSOVER. Egypt was judged and the children of Israel were redeemed at the time of PASSOVER.
6. Isaac was born at PASSOVER. This is a prophetic foreshadow of the “miraculous birth” of the Biblical Zion nation during the end of days. All of these are prophetic foreshadows indicating that the END of the EXILE, or the BEGINNING of the Greater Exodus will begin at a future Passover.
7. Jacob’s conflict with Esau is a prophetic of the conflict between the descendants of Jacob and Esau that continues throughout the generations. The time known as “Jacob’s trouble” happens during the great tribulation. The tribulation is actually a  battle between descendants of Jacob and Esau. This battle will include all nations. This conflict is finally resolved at the end of days, when the descendants of Jacob will no longer be in exile but will return to their ancient homeland.
8. Joseph was “sold” by his brothers. This is prophetic that the nation of Israel would be “sold” into the nations because they broke the covenant at Mt Sinai.
9. “Visit” is a code word for redeeming of the nation of Israel. Joseph told his brothers that the God of Israel would “visit’ them. Moses told the children of Israel that the God of Israel was “visting” them and delivering them from the slavery in Egypt. Yeshua’s first  “visitation” was at Passover and He died on the tree at Passover. The God of Israel “visited” Sarah when Isaac was born. The miraculous birth of Biblical Zion triggers the end of the exile and the beginning of the Greater Exodus.

These exiles of Israel will ultimately be gathered back to the land of Israel, they will be united in Messiah, and be under the rulership of Messiah Yeshua during the Messianic Era. Listen in as Eddie reveals to us the patterns and principles of the exile of our forefathers and the pattern of the ingathering of the exiles, known as the “Greater Exodus to Come.”