The Ten Tribes Departed From the Torah

Biblical history is prophecy. When we look at what the Northern kingdom did, is characteristic of what historical Christianity did. The Northern kingdom departed from following the Torah. In Hosea 8: 12: “I have written for him the great things of My Torah,
But they were considered a strange thing.” Ephraim wanted to assimilate and be like the nations of the world and in doing so, went after their gods and departed from the Torah.
Jeroboam, the leader of the Northern Kingdom, set up a golden calf system of worship,
(1 Kings 12:26-28). They ceased keeping the Sabbath and the annual feasts/festivals of the Lord. Similarly, Christianity drifted away from Torah, Sabbath, and feasts. In our teshuva/repentance process of returning to the Lord with our WHOLE heart, that repentance will be manifested and expressed in a return to keeping the Torah, the Sabbath, and the Feasts.