Acts 2 and the Ten Tribes

The emphasis of Yeshua’s ministry is to restore the Northern kingdom. The center of Yeshua’s ministry is in the Galilee, (where the 10 tribes lived) and now He is coming and showing a heart for the 10 tribes of the Northern kingdom, who have behaved as Gomer (from the book of Hosea). The good news is going to go out and be proclaimed not only to the Jew first but also to the non Jew. In this teaching, we are going to look at Acts 2, that those who were present on the day of Pentecost/Shavuot were not only Jews, but a remnant of the Northern Kingdom who were still seeking to follow the Torah. The majority of the Northern Kingdom was being assimilated into the nations of the world, but a remnant of them were present in the Upper room on the day of Pentecost and outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Listen in as Eddie unpacks Acts 2 like you have never heard before!