The Woman Caught in Adultery

Yeshua is the Lawgiver and the Bridegroom. At Mt Sinai, the Bridegroom entered into a marriage covenant with His bride. After she said “All that the Lord has spoken we will do,” she broke the covenant and worshipped the golden calf. As a result of breaking the covenant, she was unfaithful to her Bridegroom. Yeshua provides a way for her to return, by dying on the tree, and making a renewed covenant with her by writing the torah on her heart. (Jer.31;31-33). The woman caught in adultery represents the Northern Kingdom of Israel. The prophets record that Israel, the bride, is caught in adultery. The prophets record her sins and abominations that she committed. This woman represents Israel who broke the covenant at Mt Sinai. Yeshua shows her mercy and tells her to “go and sin no more.”