The Resurrection of Lazarus ~ Pt 7

In Yeshua’s earthly ministry, the things that we read about him in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, while these are literal events, at the same time, they are prophetically foreshadowing his role to gather and unite the 12 tribes of Israel. He died to make two sheepfolds become one (John 10: 16-17). We are now going to look at John 11 at the account of the resurrection of Lazarus. We will be going through the chapter and look at key phrases and biblically define them. What we will see is that Lazarus is a prophetic picture of the exiles of Israel. The death of Lazarus prophetically foreshadows being in exile in the nations of the world. The resurrection of Lazarus represents the gathering of the exiles of Israel. Listen in as Eddie unpacks this powerful prophecy!