John 5 and 9 ~ Yeshua Heals the Blind and the Lame ~ Pt 1

The setting in this story is this: Yeshua is in Jerusalem by the sheep market in Jerusalem. The nation of Israel is likened unto sheep. There is a “great multitude” of sick people. Great Multitude is a reference to the exiles of Ephraim, scattered to the nations of the world (Genesis 48: 19). There in Jerusalem they were by a pool which is called is Bethesda, which means “house of mercy”. The torah and the prophets tell us that when the exiles are gathered from the nations of the world where they have been scattered, that it will be an act of mercy that God bestows upon them to gather them. Yeshua says to the lame man at the pool of Bethesda, “Rise, take up your bed and walk.” Rising is a term that means to be awakened out of your spiritual slumber. Listen in as Eddie unpacks this miracle story for the deeper and hidden meanings that apply to the house of Israel today!