Food and the New Testament ~ Pt 5

In this teaching series, we will be looking at what the New Testament has to say about food. We will be looking at some of the scriptures that Christians use to make the claim that we are allowed to eat anything we want. We will look at Matthew 15:11 in context and understand what point Yeshua is making. We will also look at Acts 10, with Peter’s vision of the sheet coming down with all the unclean animals, and the Father says to him, “Rise, Peter, kill and eat.” (Acts 10: 13). We will look at the Hebraic context of this chapter to find out its true meaning. We will also look at the ruling from Acts 15 and the obligations of non-Jewish believers. Finally, we will look at 1 and 2 Timothy on this topic. Through the redemptive work of Yeshu on the tree, and his shed blood, are we allowed to eat anything we want? Listen in as Eddie unpacks this topic!