Torah and Grace: God’s Power Twins ~ Pt 2

In traditional Christianity, things are presented to you like you have to choose between Yeshua or following the torah. You have to choose between torah or grace. In this teaching, Eddie lays a foundation for understanding that when we choose Yeshua when we confess our sins and receive his shed blood on the tree for the forgiveness of sins, making Him our savior and Lord, and this is by grace through faith that we receive our salvation, and as a result of being saved by grace, we show our love for Him by keeping His commandments, His torah.
Also, in traditional Christianity, whenever we mention the word torah, Christians want to have a conversation with you about salvation. If we are following the torah, does that mean that we are not saved? Eddie will define these two words: Torah and Yeshua and show us that to follow Yeshua IS to follow the Torah!